Rasekhoon Tech
  1. Hydrophobic coatings

    Metal/ Glass / Stone / Ceramic / Electronic board

  2. Car Care products

    Hydrophobic Coatings / Anti-Fog / Nano Ceramic / Washing and Shining Products

  3. Flame Retardant Coatings

    Textile products / wood

  4. Research & Invention

    Commercialization of technologies and inventions in the field of nano-coatings

  5. Nano Product

     Suspension/ Gel / Particle

  6. Flame Retardant Material

    Polystyrene Foam / Polyurethane Foam / Cardboard

  7. Fire Proof Coating

    Metal, composite, petrochemical structures


Anti F-35 is a fire resistant coating that it is designed for fire protection of existing structures such as metal, concrete, wood, composite and polymer structures in indoor environments. by coating of this product on a surface, a thin film (about 3-7 mm) is formed on various structure. When is placing structures in exposed to fire, this film due to its high thermal resistance is preventing expansion of flame and heat transfer to the surface of structures for several hours compatible with thickness applied.