Rasekhoon Tech
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Introduction of a company

Rasekhoon Company is one of the leading knowledge-based companies in the field of Nano-coatings that it has started its activities since 2012 in the Middle East. This company’s aim is to provide the best areas for flourishing sciences of students, researchers, inventors and elites in order to industrialize sciences and provide needs related to the industries.

This company is benefited from the knowledge and experience of the academic elites in the field of nano-particles and nano-coatings, best quality and performance of products as well as research and development (R & D) part in the industries and also it is accompany with the Professional Departments and it has the most advanced nanotechnology and chemistry-material laboratories. This company has the following capabilities to carry out their projects.

Investigating needs in the industrial areas and solving them through running knowledge-based projects and R & D.

Partnerships with academic centers and research institutions in order to attract and guide dissertations and industrial projects in the field of nano-coatings

Global registration and commercialization of technologies and inventions in the field of nano-coatings

Industrial production of nano materials that is needed in medical industry, textile, energy, and building

Commercialization of technologies and inventions in the field of nanotechnology

Providing advice and protection of knowledge-based projects in the field of nano-coatings

Receiving valid certifications on sale in the Middle East which are international prestigious brands

Holding professional conferences and seminars in the field of nano-coatings

Providing laboratory services for researchers and students