Rasekhoon Tech
  1. Hydrophobic coatings

    Metal/ Glass / Stone / Ceramic / Electronic board

  2. Car Care products

    Hydrophobic Coatings / Anti-Fog / Nano Ceramic / Washing and Shining Products

  3. Flame Retardant Coatings

    Textile products / wood

  4. Research & Invention

    Commercialization of technologies and inventions in the field of nano-coatings

  5. Nano Product

     Suspension/ Gel / Particle

  6. Flame Retardant Material

    Polystyrene Foam / Polyurethane Foam / Cardboard

  7. Fire Proof Coating

    Metal, composite, petrochemical structures

Rasekhoon, is the leading producer of industrial materials based on Nano technology, was established in 2013. Our main mission is to industrialize the field of advanced material and become the leading supplier of nanomaterial and Nano-structured worldwide. Our company has successfully gained the honor and certifications internationally and domestically from Switzerland, France, America and Iran’s accredited universities such as Amir Khabir, Razi, and Shariff. Currently, we are holding the most advanced research lab centers, we specialize nanomaterial production, best nanotech products and applications.
Field of Activit